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Lovely weekend with my two favourite boys. Pizza Express, Xbox, sunshine and starting to pack.. SO excited for summer now!
Handed in my dissertation yesterday. Just one more piece of work to go…


First draft off my dissertation DONE!

James’ 18th Birthday cake, courtesy of Sweet Fantasies []. Delicious! 

Wedgwood Was A Queer are working on a new zine called ‘Put Kettle On Duck’ it is a celebration of Stoke. You can still get our first issue of ‘The Sleepover Club’ in our shop though, just click the link! Apologies that youre able to see my incredibly poor rubbing out of the pencil here.
Congratulations flowers and chocs from my bestest, even though she’s busy working hard and enjoying life in Spain! :)

So erm.. I GOT THE JOB!!!!

I shall be teaching year 4 as of September!!

Looks like I’m moving back to Stoke. Beyond excited! Get in!!

Nervous is an understatement!

View of Stoke from Harrisehead by Elly Kingdon

A firm fave…


One of my favourite reoccurring comments from parents is the sentence starter that is always followed by a but or a definite contradiction….
“I’m not one of those parents that wants to tell you how to do your job….”

Perfect valentines weekend away for our friends engagement party!
Four days!!